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2018 Shaping Up to Be a Big Year for Salish Sea

27 Jan 2018 12:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We are a couple of weeks into 2018 and the Salish Sea club is gettin' busy!  We've rowed, added a new boat to our fleet, added some oars to our equipment, supported a bid for the World Championships and entered 3 races. All this in Month One of 2018.

So here's what's been going on; Part One- the best row of the year

We started the year with our traditional Polar Bear Row New Years Day. It was sunny day with well behaved water and a king tide. Our flotilla included rowers in various styles of boats, kayaks, surf ski, oc1 and even a SUP.

The first chore, of the first row on the first day of the new year? chop out the ice from the boat, right Jenn?

Second task of the New Year? Try to get Richards' Christmas present GPS to work!

Then out into the beautiful Salish Sea we rowed, paddled, wing-bladed and splashed.

Neil coasting in the wake of the rowers.

Richard & Paul & The Melonseed

It was a beautiful way to start the New Year, followed by potluck storytime in the clubhouse.  Havn't been out yet? Then its time to reconnect with other members and get out and play. 

Lots of newsy news in the next post. Happy New Year everyone. 

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