Competing in the annual “Passage Island Race” on the Salish Sea


Our Bella Bella crew rowing to False Creek


Meet; Angie, Gilly, Leslie and Kevin. Carol is our coxswain today


What better way to enjoy English Bay?



Our Salish Sea double “The Banana” enjoying sunny waves

Open water, anytime. We call it "going Coastal" !

Open water, anytime. We call it “going Coastal” !

Here are some of our favourite international¬†photos…



And videos…

Euro-Diffusion is one of the builders of coastal boats. Have a look at this video showing some of the coastal races.

Another Euro-Diffusion video but this one based in Australia. Doesn’t it look fun!

The Australians do a lot of coastal rowing, have a look at this promotional video for the sport.

Coastal rowing is finally getting going in Canada. See what is happening in Ontario.

If you want to compete, check out Festirame in Quebec. Here is a video from the 2014 event.

If you like to row when it is snowing, there is always the “Snow Row” in Hull, Massachusetts. Brrrr.