Race Around Bowen Island

Bowen crew: Leslie, Kevin, Peter, Michael, Annette, Fabio, Jenn, Angie

TheBowenCrew“How do coastal rowers think?” you may wonder. Well, it goes a little like this;

Crew1″ hey, does anyone wanna go to Bowen, I heard there’s a race that will accept rowers”.

Crew2″Sure, let’s do it. How far is it?

Crew1″ well it can’t be that far, it’s only a little island after all.

Crew2,3,4 “I’m in, me too, me three.

Crew1 ” who will cox?”

Crew 2,3,4 “Angie will. Just don’t tell her it’s for a race”

Angie ” hi guys what are you all talking about?

Crew all ” hi Angie, wanna go to Bowen for a beer?

Thats how it all starts, a group of people who say yes, and then figure out the details. The Salish Sea launched a coxed quad and a men’s double into the Race Around Bowen- a 32 km race featuring surf ski, kayak, sup and 2 rowing boats. The weather was perfect, the water ranged from 4 ft ferry wake, to 3 ft chop, back eddies and even some dead flat zones. The fine folk of Bowen welcomed us at the finish with a salmon BBQ, prizes and the coldest, bestest beer in the world! We will be back next year. Just don’t tell Angie.


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