Monthly Archives: November 2015

Hong Kong in 2019?

Members of the Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club have been invited to row in the 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships which Hong Kong is hoping to host. To learn more about Hong Kong’s bid and about some of the rowing events held in Hong Kong, go to our Events page.

Registration is open…

Now that we are an official club, you can join via the Rowing Canada Aviron membership system. Just go to: and click “Join” from the main menu. Then click “Join a Program”. From the resulting page select “British Columbia” for the province, and “Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club” as the organization.  Our membership programs will appear and you can join from there. You will need an account, but all of that is pretty self-explanatory.

Please join us! We have some exciting plans for our club.